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RCT3 Scenery Lists

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#1 FairyRose


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Posted 02 December 2008 - 11:39 PM

Hello there, if you know this forum. You will know this part of the site is dead a lot of the times, due to the simple awnsers coming from us.
I started this thread up for a real discussion though. It relates with all the scenery in RCT3!
Just list all of the scenery you have installed on RCT3.
Island Paradise
Wild West
Anubis Georoe's Go Kart Set
ATH Catwalks and Accessories Set
Pumpers Mouse Worx
Atlantis Vaults
Vodhins Stall Test
JCats Spaceworx
Moby's Steel Jungle
JCat's ScreamWorx
Pumper BLOX
Pumper SteelWorx
shy guys Alpine Village Set 1-3
shy guys Billboard Inserts
shy guys Catfish Cove Set
shy guys Circus Center Set 1-2
shy guys Expo 3000 set
shy guys Main Street 1-5
shy guys Rock Set
shy guys Water World Set 1-2
Smallish's Waterpark Pieces
Spankys World-Custom Scenery
Spankys Mystery Mine
SK Hanger 51
SK Hanger71
SK Canopy101
Brick Walls
Vodhins Strip Lights
Vodhins Northern Lights
Vodhins Gizmos
Vodhins Grinders N Glass
Vodhins Ghoulish Goodies
Usf Geek - USF Arch
Usf Geek - Steps' N 'Rocks
CSF Glass Set 1-2
DasMatze Spikey Walls
BigBurger's Timber 2.0
MNM Leftoverz
NYRStucco Roofs 1-2
FooterVarious Footers
Big Burger's Street Life
DasMatze - Instant Jungle
Eletigna Dark Ride Elements
DasMatze Fences and Railings
KLN Framework
NYR Stadium Seating
CSF Steel Beam Set
Big Burger's Extended Covers
Ccron10's Dip'n Stand
CSF NLS Lift Hill Expansion
DasMatze Industry
Exposition Everest
Maverick Canyon Lake Set.
CSF Neon Lighting Set
German Taco's IoA, The Lost Continent
NYR Pool Covers
Ckef Rock Slide Lagoon Set 2.0
DasMatze Industry Addons
j06 Atlantis Roofs
Pyros Six Flags Set
CSF Christmas Set
Coin~Station Gates
DasMatze Toboggan Kit
Path and Train Covers
Coaster Freak Neon Sighns
Darkside300 Elevator Tubes
DasMatze RockTheNet
LG HarborSet 1-2
Asnecles Castle Defense Walls
CSF Rock Set
DasMatze Domes
Triangular Supports by Phil
WSL - Spanish Roofs
CSF White Set
DasMatze Bridge IT!
DasMatze German Railroad Crossing Kit
MickyCA Road Signs
CSF Neon Lighting Set
MR Plow Bright Falls Coal Mine
Eletigna New Street Elements
Ckefs Rocks Slide Lagoon Set

It would be nice to put the aurthors name next to it, if you have it on hand

#2 krosscoasters


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Posted 03 December 2008 - 05:05 PM

Well, as of now:
In-game Scenery (Adventure, Spooky etc.)
ATH Catwalk and Accesories Set
Elitigna Dark Ride Elements
Cook's (I think) Doors
BigBurger's Timber
Old-Spice's Corkscrew Supports
JCat's ScreamWorx
shy-Circus Center Set
shy-Circus Center Set 2
shy-Main Street Set
shy-Main Street Set 3
BigBurger'sTimber 2.0
OTAceana's Pavement Essentials Out-Takes
NYRBox Supports
Gadget Goodies for Coaster Set-flat parts
shy-Alpine Village Set
shy-Alpine Village Set 2
shy-Alpine Village Set 3
shy-Expo 3000 Set
Das Matze-Instant Wood
NF Partical Effects (my Christmas gift for when I get Wild)

Funny, the list didn't look that big in the folder.
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#3 Coaster Sim. Fan

Coaster Sim. Fan

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Posted 03 December 2008 - 09:08 PM

You guys have some caching up to do Link :P
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#4 FairyRose


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Posted 04 December 2008 - 05:01 PM

^I tryed getting a lot more, but my computer hates me and some of them are. RAR and I don't feel like unziping them all.

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