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    I like going to Six Flags America on the weekdays and just ride roller coasters all day. Sometimes I ride the same roller coaster to see if I can break a record of how many times I can ride the Superman Ride of Steel in one day. I also like visiting other amusement parks to check out the other attractions that they have.

    I love it when it rains at the park. I stay there and have a lot of fun riding coasters in the rain. To me, Superman and Jokers Jinx are the most fun to ride in the rain because of all the speed that you get. Its more of a adrenaline rush when your on Jokers Jinx in the rain because you take off and launch through that tunnel and you just know that the rain is going to nail you in the face. But Superman is a adrenaline rush in the rain too because your rocketing down that track with less traction control.

    And lest night forget about night rides. I would also have to say that Superman and Batwing are the best rides at the park during the night because of there being no light in that area of the park and the adrenaline rush you get on them. Between those two, Superman is the best because when your going up the hill it is very hard to see the rest of the course. Batwing would have to come in second place because you are able to see the course, and it is kind of slow once its done with the loop.

    Top 10 Coasters:

    1. Revenge of The Mummy(Universal Orlando and Hollywood)
    2. Superman Ride of Steel( Six Flags America)
    3. Kingda Ka( Six Flags Great Adventure)
    4. Jokers Jinx(Six Flags America)
    5. Batwing(Six Flags America)
    6. Drop Zone Stunt Tower(Paramounts Kings Dominion)
    7. Volcano: Blast Coaster(Paramounts Kings Dominion)
    8. Fligh of Fear(Paramounts Kings Dominion)
    9. Roar(Six Flags America)
    10. Two-Face(Six Flags America)

    Other Coasters I like:

    1. Titan(Six Flags Over Texas)
    2. Mr. Freeze(Six Flags Over Texas)
    3. Superman Tower of Power(Six Flags Over Texas)
    4. Batman: The Ride(Six Flags Over Texas)
    5. X (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
    6. Dueling Dragons(Island of Adventures)

    Times ridden on the following rides:

    *Superman Ride of Steel(420)
    * Revenge of The Mummy(100)
    *Jokers Jinx(320)
    *Drop Zone Stunt Tower(38)
    *Volcano: Blast Coaster(65)

    Ride Descriptions:

    (Superman Ride of Steel)- Guests can live the legend of DC Comics' Superman, The World's Greatest Super Hero, as their experience on SUPERMAN-Ride of Steel. Based on the popular DC Comics super hero, Superman-Ride of Steel gives riders a birdís eye view of the park before plunging nearly 200 feet at speeds of greater than 70 mph.

    (Batwing)- Have an extreme experience with one of Batman's ultra high-tech vehicles... Batwing! Soaring through the air with nothing but blue skies above and the ground racing below, this unbelievable flying roller coaster gives riders the phenomenal sensation of free flight.

    (Jokers Jinx)- This wickedly convoluted ride uses state-of-the-art technology. THE JOKER'S JINX, named after the nemesis of Batman from DC Comics, features NO lift hill!! A set of 44 linear induction motors create a traveling magnetic wave that launch the train from the load station (stand still) to high speeds in a short period of time -- 0 to 60 mph, in fact, in just over three seconds!

    (Penguinz Blizzard River)- The Batman-themed spinning rapids ride, the tallest in the world, is located in the Gotham City section -- making it Gotham City's first "water-ride." The unique family water attraction is themed around Batman's arch nemesis, The Penguin, and is the only one of its kind on the East Coast.

    The chilling journey begins when passengers board a unique 6-person raft that whisks them more than 60 feet in the air to the top of The Penguin's lair. The raft is then sent careening down an icy water-filled flume of twists and turns (two thunderous mega twists and a triple dipped drop to be exact), under the Mayhem Misters (water atomizers), out of the "lair" and back to "sea level" - all while the raft itself continuously spins in a whirlwind of fun.

    The two-minute-41-second ride culminates in a frosty splashdown into Chiller Bay, a swirling reservoir featuring a series of geysers that blast water three stories in the air, potentially soaking raft riders below with a cool mist. Mischievous land-locked on-lookers can join in the fun by firing off Spray Rays - water cannons strategically placed outside Chiller Bay - that douse gleeful raft riders ending their tour of The Penguin's lair.

    (Two-Face: The Flip Side)- For those who want to look terror in the eyes, the suspended inverted steel coaster TWO FACE: THE FLIP SIDE offers just that opportunity - twice! Seated in unique face-to-face coaches, riders are pulled up a 137 foot lift, held for mere seconds and then dropped, flying 55 mph, back down the lift and immediately shooting up into a "boomerang" double inverted side-winder. The ride is not done there...after returning to an upright position, passengers are thrust head-on into a 72 foot high vertical loop before rocketing to the top of a second 137 foot lift. Riders have just enough time to catch their breath before the train is released, propelling them through the entire ride again...this time, in the opposite direction!


  • Home Park
    Six Flags America
  • Favorite Park
    Six Flags America
  • Favorite flat / spinning ride
    G-Force@Mirtle Beach Pavillion
  • Favorite vertical ride
    Drop Zone Stunt Tower
  • Favorite water ride
    Ship Wreck Falls
  • Start of coaster interest
    When will they build a 1,ooo ft. coaster
  • Self-description
    I've been riding roller coasters since I was little.I would someday like to set a record in (Ripley's Belive It Or Not) for how long a person can ride a roller coaster without stoping.
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    Sin City/Saw Uncut Edition/Saw 2
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