Worlds of Fun Breaks World Record

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September 19, 2011 - Tyler Carlton

Kansas City, MO - Worlds of Fun just became the owner of a brand new Guinness World Record! Usually when those words are mentioned on a coaster site such as this it means that someone is building the new fastest, tallest, or most inverted coaster in the world. However, this is not the case today as Worlds of Fun has broken a totally different type of record.

On September 13th Worlds of Fun put together the world's largest can pyramid. According to The Sacramento Bee this feat was made possible by donations from Country Market Foods and help from BRR Architecture in constructing the pyramid. The pyramid ended up weighing in at a whopping 16,478 pounds. That's right, over eight tons. The structure of the pyramid is made up of 37 layers of cans that are all arranged into a square pattern. After the 37 can by 37 can base was laid down one can was removed from each dimension in subsequent layers until the peak of one can was reached. When it was all put together the structure contained 17,576 cans.

The previous record stood at 15,000 cans, so Worlds of Fun surpassed the former record by 2,576 cans. This massive structure The Sacramento Bee reports that upon deconstructing the pyramid all of the cans were boxed up and donated to Harvesters, which in turn will provide 13,396 to the hungry around Kansas City.

Breaking non-coaster related world records seems to be a new trend within Cedar Fair. On Easter weekend the North Carolina park Carowinds set the record for “Most people dyeing eggs,” with 317 people simultaneously dipping, dunking, and coloring their eggs. Then, on July 14th Knotts Berry Farm set the record for “The largest number of people husking corn." On July 31st Cedar Point broke the records for most beach balls in the air at the same time and the greatest number of people applying sunscreen at the same time.

Building the pyramid was part of Worlds of Fun's annual Cans for Coasters food drive. This month long canned food drive is a partnership between Harvesters and Worlds of Fun. As an incentive to donate, Worlds of Fun provides discounted admission to those who participate in the drive.

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