Universal Orlando announces several new additions for 2012

Universal claims that 2012 is the year to be here at the Universal Orlando Resort

January 26, 2012 - ZacharyFakterowitz

Orlando, Florida - When Universal Orlando is claiming that this year (2012) will be “the year to be here,” they may be on to something! According to the park's Press Release issued on Wednesday, this year Universal Orlando will be opening more new entertainment offerings across the resort than any in any other year in history. Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Universal Orlando, Alice Norsworthy, stated that, “We are about to offer our guests a historic range of incredible new entertainment experiences, this year will be filled with excitement and entertainment for the entire family.”

The first attraction announced in the press release will the reopening of a reworked Blue Man Group show (separate admission required) in February. The new show will feature new music, sets, technologies and experiences, as guests join the Blue Men as they “Explore the worlds obsession with new technology”. The show will still feature the Signature moments that defined the Original show. Patrons to the show may even see some of the performers take a spin on one of Universal Orlando's most popular attractions, but the park wouldn't give any hints as to what ride.

© Universal Orlando
In the new Blue Man Group show the Blue men will interact with some modern technology such as these "GiPads".

© Universal Orlando
Hollywood Drive-in Golf opens in February!
Whats better than Mini-Golf course themed to the classic drive in movie era? Why, a Mini-Golf course themed to Horror and Sci-fi drive in movies! Thats just what you'll experience at Hollywood Drive-In Golf course opening in February at Citywalk. According to the park's press release, you'll be able to play on one of two 18 hole courses “The Haunting of Ghostly Greens” and “Invaders From Planet Putt”. Each will feature interactive elements and special effects. Do note though that this will be an separate upcharge experience and park admission is not required to play.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man has been receiving a few new technologies upgrades this year. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is one of the worlds greatest rides and soon the ride experience will get even better! When it opens in March, the ride will be updated to feature all new 4K digital high-definition animation, new 3-D glasses, and upgrades to the set, audio and lighting systems. Universal has released a few screenshots of the new animation and it looks fantastic; the new ride animation features new level of details. Look for special cameos in the new ride footage, including Spider-Man co-creator, Stan Lee, and Iron Man.
© Universal Orlando
A new level of detail will be added with the new animation! If you look closely you might spot Iron Man!

Speaking of popular movies, Universal will be giving celebrating the 100th anniversary of Universal Pictures with a brand new nighttime spectacular. Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular: 100 Years of Movie Memories will premier in spring. This new experience will celebrate some of the “the most powerful and emotional moments from Universal Pictures’ most iconic films....taking guests on a journey through epic cinematic moments filled with heroes, horror, laughter, good vs. evil and triumph,” according to the press release. The show will used waterfall screens, colorful fountains, and pyrotechnics every night during the Spring and Summer (and select other dates) in the central lagoon at Universal Studios Florida park. Let's just hope that Jaws doesn't show up!
© Universal Orlando
The new show will be narrated by Morgan Freeman

Everyone loves a parade, so Universal has announced that in Spring, Universal's Superstar Parade will take to the streets at Universal Studios Florida Park. Some of Universals most popular characters including Nickelodeons Dora & Diego, Spongebob Squarepants, E.B from movie Hop and Minions from Despicable Me. Will dance down the street with “hundreds” of energetic street performers, huge floats, and state of the art technologies. It should be noted that Universal has never had a daily performing street parade and has thus far only presenting parades for special events on occasion. This new parade will also features interactive show stops along its route.
© Universal Orlando
Spongebob is one of the many characters that will be featured in the parade!

© Universal Orlando
Logo for the Despicable Me attraction, opening summer this year
Summer will also bring the welcoming of a new attraction to Universal Studios Florida park, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. Based on the film Despicable Me, the attraction is a 3-D adventures in which guests will be recruited to for “Minion training”. They will enter Gru's home and find themselves on what the park claims will be “a wildly hysterical journey with Gru and his daughters.” The ride will feature characters from the hit film such as Gru, Margo, Edit and Agnes and of course, many minions. Universal is working with the Illumination Entertainment (the studio that created the film) on the project, and is going to have all of the characters voiced by the film's Original cast!

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