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March 10, 2004 - Homer

Six Flags Inc. - Today, a Press Release from Cedar Fair announced that they are buying Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. Cedar Fair will be changing the park's name back to the original name of Geauga Lake, which the park had before Six Flags bought the park in 2000.

The reported price that Cedar Fair will pay for the park is $145 million. This purchase will also include the adjacent hotel and campground. However, the Six Flags company will still own the animals that are currently located in the park. A complete agreement between the two park chains is expected before the beginning of the 2004 season. There is no word yet about the park renaming the Superman and Batman coasters that are in the park.

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Also, Six Flags announced that they are also selling its European park division. This includes theme parks in Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, but will not involve Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid. This deal for the European parks is going to a private investment firm for a reported $200 million.

Six Flags Inc. said that although they still saw good opportunities in their European parks, by sellling them off it would allow them to focus on its parks in North America.

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