Six Flags New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

March 17, 2004 - CoasterForce

Six Flags New Orleans, Louisiana, United States - Six Flags New Orleans is opening for the 2004 season this Saturday, at 10 A.M. The park will be open only on weekends until Memorial Day weekend. After Memorial Day, the park opens daily until August 15th; it will return to weekend-only operation August 21st through October 31st.New for the 2004 season is the SpongeBob Squarepants simulator ride, based on the popular children's show on Nickelodeon. Park officials stated, "Guests sit on a motion-based platform that moves in sync with the visual experience." The ride will take guests on a crazy underwater adventure, as Spongebob himself pursues a pickle which will allow him to serve the best Krabby Patty to a customer.

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