Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom, Redlands, CA, USA

March 23, 2004 - Devin Olson

Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom, Redlands, CA, USA - A small Southern California amusement park will appear on televisions nationwide this May when it makes a cameo on the hit CBS drama 'CSI'.

Crews are filming at Redlands, California's Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom through tomorrow for an episode of the show that will debut May 6th dubbed 'A Screw Turned Loose'. The storyline of the show's episode will be an investigation into multiple deaths on a steel coaster caused by a screw on the ride being loosened.

Other parks reportedly turned down the role in CSI, which is set in Las Vegas. In the episode, the park will be known as 'Sphinx Amusement Park'.

Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom's only major coaster is the secondhand S.D.C 'Galaxi' steel twister Screaming Mummy which originally opened in 1972 and was relocated to the California park in 2000.

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