Universal Studios Florida, Orlando, FL, USA

April 7, 2004 - CoasterForce

Universal Studios Florida, Orlando, FL, USA -

Universal Orlando officially announced the grand opening for the highly anticipated Revenge of the Mummy attraction- May 21st, 2004. Revenge of the Mummy will be the third new attraction to open within about a year at Universal Studios.Revenge of the Mummy combines many ride elements: a detailed storyline, special effects, and a thrilling roller coaster. Universal Studios claims the Mummy is so unique that it defines a whole new genre: a psychological thrill ride.In this ride, riders experience sight and sound special effects, like pyrotechnics, projected CGI animation, amazing robotic figures, and illusions created to effect all of your senses.Bob Gault, president of Universal Orlando, states, "We set out to change the face of Universal Studios with new experiences that are relevant and thrilling to today’s audience." He continues by saying, "The result is a trio of compelling, new attractions that give our guests the maximum entertainment experience they expect from our theme parks." Gault is confident that the new Mummy attraction will make for an exdraordinary summer season in Universal Studios.To read COASTER-net's Ride Gallery page on Revenge of the Mummy click here.

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