New Orleans, LA

August 7, 2002 - Matthew Rydzik

New Orleans, LA - It has been confirmed today that New Orlean's Jazzland will be receiving the Bolliger and Mabillard-crafted Gambit from Japan's Thrill Valley to open next year.

The 1995 inverted coaster features a layout mirrored from the design of most Batman: the Ride coasters which operate at Six Flags parks throughout the world and has sat still since it closed earlier this year with the park. Jazzland was purchased by Six Flags in early 2002 and is importing the coaster to the New Orleans property along with several other rides acquired from the defunct Thrill Valley.

Jazzland was previously slated to receive a standard Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC) from Vekoma, but plans fell through due to financial difficulties, which were followed by the acquasion by Six Flags.

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