Logan, UT

August 7, 2002 - Matthew Rydzik

Logan, UT - Amusement Buisiness has reported that S&S Power has engaged Denise Dinn, former president of wooden coaster company Custom Coasters International, following Custom Coaster's closure last month.

S&S Power emerged into the rollercoaster world in the year 2000, when S&S unveiled its prototype Thrust Air 2000 ride at Utah testing facilities, and the following year installed two full-scale rides as HyperSonic XLC and Dodonpa, now it seems that the company is looking to strengthen its reign in the theme park industry with the purchase of Custom Coasters along with several other financially-unstable coaster makers, Utah's Arrow Dynamics being another.

This type of capitalization has seen success in the past, the most recent example being the merging of Chance Industries and Morgan Manufacturing last year to form Chance-Morgan Coasters after Chance filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

In addition, it is now reported that the decision to close CCI came due to financial reasons, although personal reasons were cited at the time of the announcement.

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