Orlando, FL / Shakopee, MN

August 2, 2002 - Matthew Rydzik

Orlando, FL / Shakopee, MN - Valley Fair amusement park has created a new Kidtrak program, to help parents keep kids from getting lost in the park. How it works is this: The parent has a cell phone and the child has a wristband with the cell phone number on it. If the child gets lost all he or she has to do is go to any park employee. They'll call the number and locate the parents. These cell phones and wristbands can be obtained at Guest Services or Berenstein Bear Country.

At Magic Kingdom the Fast Pass computers have been updated so that guests have to wait 45 minute instead of 2 hours before getting another fastpass. In other words, a guest could get 2 fast passes within an our and use both of them. This has required an update of computers and has occured because of complaints of park guests.

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