Park still struggles after year of operating

Disneyland Hong Kong has low attendance rates

August 2, 2006 - CowCoaster214

Disneyland Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China -

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Strugling Attendance: Disneyland Hong Kong has very low attendance rates after only a year of operating.

After expecting to have 5.6 million visitors, it appears that Disneyland Hong Kong will fall 500,000 short of that goal.

The park only has an average daily turnout of 18,000 people, which is only half of its capacity. Just over 5 million visitors are predicted for the first year of operations, which is half a million less than expectations. Since the city of Hong Kong is very crowded, it was assumed that the park would get a lot of visitors.

The managers of the park are refusing to give attendance figures, saying that the information is commercially sensitive. The park has been criticized for not having enough attractions, considering its costly ticket price.

Disneyland Hong Kong is one year old and has had problems ever since it opened. This is a major drawback to the park and shows that it is not very popular.

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