Preformer dies at Six Flags Elitch Gadens

Ninteen-year-old falls off chairs while preforming

August 14, 2006 - CowCoaster214

Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colorado, USA -

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Fallen Preformer: A preformer fell off chairs and later died from the injuries.

The audience stared with astonishment at the Amazing Acrobats of China show taking place at Six Flags Elitch Gardens, for they had seen a 19-year-old performer take a terrible fall on Friday night.

The performer was sent to the Denver Health Medical Center, where he then died on Saturday morning due to his injuries.

The performer stood on his hands while balancing on multiple chairs and a table almost 30 feet in the air. He then fell face-first. The audience did not know what had happened. They thought it might have been part of the act, for they just remained in their seats, silent.

The announcer called for medical assistance and a nurse from the audience came up to help. There was not much to be done until the ambulance came to take the unconscious, yet breathing performer. The audience members left calmly.

The group was scheduled to perform until Labor Day, but the park has canceled Saturday shows and has said that the other shows will be postponed until further notice.

Six Flags shared its "deepest sympathies" with the performer’s family and friends. Six Flags representative Brooke Basher said that in her six years of working with Six Flags, a performer has never died.

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