State of Arkansas blames ride operator

Magic Springs accident ruled operator's fault

August 19, 2006 - Coaster Sim. Fan

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls, Magic Springs, AK -

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State Ruling: The state blamed a ride operator for the fall, stating that the rider was too large.
Back on July 29 Felicia Robinson of Memphis, Tennessee fell 11 feet to a box holding electric cables, after being thrown from the Twist 'n Shout roller coaster at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls amusement park.

Before “Twist 'n Shout” opened at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls it was operating at Gillian's Wonderland Pier as ‘Wild Wonder’, until an accident occurred killing mother and her child when a car rolled down the lift hill backwards into a loading vehicle.

After the accident at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls the lady was taken to a hospital ware she was said to be in stable condition.

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls said the ride was said to be in proper operating condition and the park blamed the rider for not follow the rules of the ride as the reason for being thrown off.

Now though The Arkansas Labor Department is saying that the reason for the accident was because, the ride operators let the woman ride sideways taking up two seats. While the ride manufacture say only one rider is allowed per seat. So that the ride operator was wrong in allowing the “extremely large” lady to ride.

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