Another waterside park goes to the bulldozer

Trump Entertainment Resorts to redevelop Steel Pier

August 21, 2006 - Coaster Sim. Fan

Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ, USA - For those of you how like classic water side pier parks, in March we learned that one of the classics the Myrtle Beach Pavilion Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach South Carolina was going to the bulldoze for redevelopment.

Now five months later we learn yet another classic waterside park is going to the bulldozer. This time it is the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Steel Pier opened in 1898 and currently is 1000 feet long getting 900 ft over the water. It has also been a family distention in Atlantic City for a long time, with famous entertainers and animal acts.

Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc, which also owns the Taj Mahal hotel in Atlantic City, has decided that they will be redeveloping the Steel Pier.

While what exactly will happen to the Steel Pier is uncertain but it is official this will be its last operating season.

There is a company board meting in November in which an announcement is possible for some time after. Currently Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc is working on the Taj Mahal's ongoing expansion and renovation, which will be including a $250 million hotel tower that will be opening in 2008.

Some people fare that closing the steel Pier will eliminate any family friendly places in Atlantic City. They fell that with its elimination Atlantic City will complexly transform from a place of family entertainment to a place of gamblers with no reason to bring the kids.

What ever will become of the Steel Pier is uncertain, but one thing is for sure for better or for worse changes will be coming to it in the upcoming years. So time to get your late trip in before this classic is gone for good.

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