Journey the lost city of Atlantis in 2007

Sea World San Antonio introduces new ride

August 24, 2006 - CowCoaster214

Sea World San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, USA -

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Journey to Atlantis: [/i]Journey to Atlantis is found in all of the Sea World Parks (Journey to Atlantis is Sea World Orlando is pictured above) but all of the rides offer different experiences.

Everyone 42 inches and up, get ready for a thrilling, wild, and wet adventure as you journey through the lost city of Atlantis on the new ride called Journey to Atlantis, at Sea World San Antonio is San Antonio, Texas.

This new ride for 2007 is the first of its kind in the U.S. Developed my Mack GMBH, this ride will combine the elements of a roller coaster and a water ride. This ride is sure to be a hit and will keep guests wanting to go on over and over again.

Journey to Atlantis is also found at Sea World Orlando and in Sea World San Diego, but each ride is very different and will give riders a different and unique experience from most thrill rides.

The ride starts out with 16 passengers boarding a boat ready to explore the lost city of Atlantis. They head up the lift hill. At the top, boats head to turntables which turn 90 or backwards to their next destination in the ride. They then go down a reverse camel back hill and they land on another turntable which turns them forward again. They then are taken down the final plunge into a lake going through geysers and water sprouts. A similar ride is found at Europa Park in Germany.

This ride will be added to the park along with its other 5 rides. Other rides in the park include: Great White, a B&M inverted roller coaster which is a Batman: The Ride clone; Steel Eel, which is a Morgan hyper coaster that races up to 65 mph; Texas Splash Down and Rico Loco, wet rides that are sure to leave riders soaked; and the Shamu Express, which is a family roller coaster for the little kids. These are only a few of the many attractions in the park.

Journey to Atlantis offers a great experience for riders and observers alike. People who are not on the ride can stand on observation areas and get soaked by the ride going into its final plunge.

The ride started construction in late June and it still under construction. The ride is expected to open May 24th.

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